Elia Producer 2021

Elia is a short film produced by Gold and Mirror Productions that shows the attempt to abandon the social status attributed to birth to assert the true self. It’s the story of a rite, which leads Elia to perform in front of friends and family, showing the new version of himself, in the hope of being understood. An intimate and touching short film about the complexity of the identity.

Diabolik VR experience Director, Producer 2021

Diabolik VR Experience is a virtual reality experience created to promote the release of the movie Diabolik on the big screen, produced by Gold and Rai Cinema. The opportunity to explore the lair of the famous comic book character, a mysterious thief who drives a Jaguar and keeps his treasures in a secret place, which is accessible with this experience.

In una Notte di Temporale VR Producer 2021

An immersive experience which is unusual like the friendly encounter between a wolf and a goat. In una Notte di Temporale is the transposition of a play by Daniele Caini and Elena Martongelli that starts from this singular event and evolves into an experience that stimulates more senses and brings the viewer to discover something new. A production by Gold and Teatro Solare, with a message that overturns our beliefs

Corto Dorico Curator 2021

I curated a section on new audiovisual languages and virtual reality with the name of Dorico Virtuale, for Corto Dorico, a festival dedicated to short films and auteur cinema.
The festival, in collaboration with Rai Cinema Channel, has set up a room for VR screenings of five selected works in virtual reality.

Naba Milano Teacher 2021

A workshop on cinema, theatre and virtual reality held by me for the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano (NABA), the largest Italian academy of fine arts.
From the big screen to VR, the workshop illustrates the principles of VR and invites participants to use them to find new creative solutions and scripts.

Saletta VR Co-Founder 2021

A new project by Gold, dedicated to cinemas.
A complete package of headsets, our film productions and our assistance to allow cinemas to open a VR room.
Our format of collective screenings from now on is available to everyone, to give the public an extraordinary viewing experience

Vulcano Director, Producer 2021

We were in Iceland to film the eruption of the volcano on Mount Fagradalsfjall in VR, which was inactive for 800 years. An immersive experience, leaded by the narrating voice of Valentina Lodovini, who faithfully reproduces the images we have seen to transport the viewer to an unexplored place. Between rivers of lava and boundless landscapes, we rekindle the relationship between man and Earth.

Dealing with Absence Producer 2021

It is possible to learn dance with VR headsets. This is demonstrated by Margherita Landi and Agnese Lanza with a project produced by Gold that has to do with the theme of absence, with the isolation of the digital era. A double experience, inside and outside the headset. An opportunity to learn and to experiment.

Inner Swan Producer 2021

A VR project by Margherita Landi and Silvia Gribaudi, inspired by a revolutionary act in the history of dance: the interpretation of The Dying Swan by the dancer Anna Pavlova. With VR you can make a revolutionary new act, within a virtual space. Inner swan is a liberating and intimate experience.

Peaceful Places Producer 2021

A VR experimental project by Agnese Lanza and Margherita Landi. The hug becomes the way to break down the distance generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The human contact becomes a form of language. Our project becomes the winner of the Auggie Awards USA 2021.

Così è (o mi pare) Producer, VR direction 2021

A virtual reality rewriting of the Pirandellian novel, made by Elio Germano.
An ambiguous story. What will be the truth? With VR we bring the viewer into the story. In an hour and twenty everything is questioned.
Everyone can develop its own reflection on the subject.

C’era una volta Director, Producer 2021

A play in VR, 3D and 360 degrees, produced by Gold for the company Ondadurto.
The fables of tradition proposed in a noir version, much truer. The clash between Good and Evil.
In our version the dreamy imaginary of the fairy-tales is lost.

Meet - Digital Culture Center Speaker 2021

I explained the revolution of VR to the Meet - Digital Culture Center, a center that works on the theme of digital culture and new technologies.
Starting from my career path, I took a class on the theme of virtual reality and the infinite potential of new languages in technical and creative terms.

Lockdown 2020 Producer, Author, Director 2020

Virtual reality documentary, co-produced by Rai Cinema.
Italy without the Italians in the months of March and April 2020.
The idea of this deserted Italy was beautiful and at the same time atrocious.
Impossible not to testify to it. Difficult to narrate.
I chose Laura Accerboni's poems and prose, and the Rai co-production made it possible to have Matilde Gioli and Vinicio Marchioni in the cast.
The film is now available on the Rai Cinema VR app and on LittleStar, the PlayStation VR platform.

The office at the time of Covid-19 Producer, Author, Director 2020

Comic web-series.
We started a bit for fun, with greetings. Then the lockdown became a reality and it took my hand.
In those days away from the office, when communicating became different, we tried to see different situations with the eyes of irony.

Madonne Producer 2020

Short film.
The project is written and directed by Maurizio Lombardi and co-produced by Mirror Productions.
Madonne is a delicate short film that talks about love, change, acceptance and that miracle that is the encounter.
It also talks about how others see us, but mostly it talks about courage.

The Italian Baba Producer, Author, Director 2020

Virtual reality biographical documentary film.
Virtual reality short music directed by Sasan Bahadorinejad.
The film tells of a trip to India. Tell the story of Baba Cesare.
Virtual reality takes viewers to distant landscapes, distant sounds and smells.
I read Folco Terzani's book "A full naked on Earth" while I was in India.
With Elio Germano as narrator I wanted to make the spectators live the same experience that I lived.

World conference on VR industry Speaker 2019

I took part as a speaker in the World Conference on VR Industry, a conference organized by the government of the Chinese province of Jiangxi, which analyzes the issues related to the development of the VR sector, the trends and the most significant results.

Nelson + Jorit VR Producer, Author, Director 2019

Short documentary and short in virtual reality.
On the occasion of the Festival of Rights, the Municipality of Florence and Casa Spa commissioned a mural from Jorit on the facade of a public housing condominium in Florence.
The film follows the making of the work, but above all the interactions with the inhabitants of the condominium, the reactions of passers-by and the comments of the city.
With VR we instead brought the spectators directly to the scale, at a height of 30 meters, where Jorit paints and hums. A unique perspective.

Firenze VR Producer, Author, Director 2019

Science fiction movie in virtual reality.
Virtual reality short music directed by Sasan Bahadorinejad.
It looks like a virtual reality tourist app: Federico Russo guides users with love and carefree in the typical places of Florence.
Instead it soon turns into a science fiction movie. In a warning for the future.
Or had it passed?
With Maurizio and Lombardi and Maria Caterina, I shot the science fiction film that was realized almost literally after a few months, awarded in Rome with the Rai Cinema Channel Award at the Digital Media Fest 2019.

Best Movie - What's Interview Collaborator 2019

Cinema monthly, followed in print and digital version.
Best Movie gives me the opportunity to interview the most interesting actors and directors of the moment.
I do it my way in interviews via Whatsapp which the magazine then reports graphically.

Bowland VR Producer 2019

A virtual reality dance film.
Virtual reality short music directed by Sasan Bahadorinejad.
The short was shot during the live at the Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence in July 2019.
The BowLand, a Florentine band formed by a trio of Iranian origins, hypnotize and fascinate with electronic and ethnic sounds with which they completely envelop us in the 360-degree musical experience.

Segnale d'allarme Produces, Director 2019

Transposition in a VR film of the play My Battle written by Elio Germano and Chiara Lagani.
The film co-directed with Elio Germano is a film that creates an emotional trap for the viewer.
A perfectly successful bet for a project for which we have invented a new distribution system for collective projections specific to virtual reality.

Drive Your Style Producer, author, director 2019

A virtual reality dance film.
We made the film in collaboration with Audi Firenze and on the occasion of the Bright Festival 2019.
Audi presents the new E-Tron model which, however, cannot be visited inside.
We thought of showing it through virtual reality and we made a film where the dancer - as well as my wife - Margherita Landi explored the interior of the machine with a performance of transformations and dance.

Gold Enterprise Founder 2018

The new structure of Gold sees Alessandro Mancini as CEO, me as Creative Director and Luca Fortino as associate partner
We do marketing with Gold Agency, virtual reality with Gold VR and Gold Productions is our independent film production house. Goldworld is our communication channel where we talk about what we like, often about music, technology, cinema and art.

Drumpossible Producer, author, director 2017

A musical short in virtual reality. The drummer Fabio Vitiello multiplies himself in the 360 video and becomes a multi-instrumentalist.
Through the unreleased song we thought of creating a VR music salon to immerse the audience in 360 polyphony.

Stories of the appennines producer, tutor 2016

Within the Corto Dorico Film Festival 2017 I collaborated on Stories of the Apennines.
Experts and professionals from the world of cinema have offered themselves as tutors to help young creatives in the making of VR shorts. I participated as an expert virtual reality tutor.

Graffiti a domicilio Founder 2016

It is a service that connects the world of graffiti with those who intend to adorn their home or private space with this form of art.
A roaster of artists is available for the realization of permanent works.

No Borders VR Producer, Author 2016

It is the first Italian documentary shot in virtual reality and tells the phenomenon of migrants through spontaneous reception centers.
The film, supported by MiBACT, was presented at the Giornate degli Autori on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival and won the first prize of the MigrArti 2016 competition.

Street Opera Producer, Author 2015

It is a documentary that recounts the twenty years 1994-2014 with an impressionist portrait of five rappers symbolizing different shades of the same culture: Danno dei Colle der fomento, Tormento, Clementino, Guè Pequeno and Elio Germano, actor and rapper of the Rare Beasts.
The film was presented at the Rome Film Fest and won the 2016 Special Silver Ribbon Award.

Gold AR Producer, Author 2013

It is a promotional app from Gold based on augmented reality.
It was developed by Giovanni Landi and won the Best Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign award at the 2013 Auggie Awards in San Francisco.

Eckō Unltd. Desinger 2013

Eckō Unltd.
At the time he was the licensee of the Zoo York brand and I was commissioned to make the capsule
in collaboration between Gold and the New York brand that I curated with the calligrapher Luca Barcellona.

Multiverso Founder 2012

Multiverse is a Tuscan co-working network created through the acquisition, transformation and management of open spaces.
The distinctive feature of the project is the commitment to care for the community that inhabits the space and the promotion of the professionalism it expresses.
The base of the project is in Florence in via Campo d’Arrigo 42.

Logic Club Founder 2011

Florentine nightclub that remained open until 2013.
The club was located in the historic center of Florence, in via de’Macci.
During the two years of activity we have brought the best artists of the Italian and international underground scene.

La Nazione Collaborator 2011

It is the main Florentine newspaper, distributed nationally.
or the local edition, I edited my own Florence 2.0 column.

Gavinana Reloaded producer 2010

Cultural event held in the spaces of the Florentine contemporary art center EX3.
The artists Luca Barcellona and Dem created a mural inside the exhibition space which was then removed at the end of the event.
At the same time, the performative project Mooroom by my wife Margherita Landi was created, also inside the center.

IED Teacher 2010

The European Institute of Design is an internationally active fashion and design school.
In the Florence office I still hold a non-conventional marketing module in the Master of Design courses.

Polimoda Teacher 2007

School in the fashion industry for training in marketing and design.
I held a guerrilla marketing module in Master of Design courses until 2011.

Cadini Designer 2004

Classic clothing brand based in Florence.
It is an exclusively Made in Italy total look mainly active abroad
I coordinated the collections starting from SS05.

GOLD Founder, Art Director, CEO 2003

Multimedia project based in Florence.
It was born as a streetwear brand and then evolved into a communication agency and production house.
The project was initially born as a concept store with the intention of disseminating street culture in Italy and then taking shape as a real clothing line, but the real figure of the project has always been unconventional communication and guerrilla marketing (not a case the sticker has remained as an icon of the project).

Zoo York Assistent Designer 2002

Clothing brand with a strong street connotation based in New York.
It is the first New York skateboards brand and collaborates with the legends of writing and other hip-hop disciplines.
I participated in the creation of the SS03 Collection at FW03.

GIVENCHY Assistent Designer 2002

Paris-based clothing brand.
It was born as a streetwear brand and then evolved into a communication agency and production house.
I participated in the creation of the SS03 Men's Collection designed by the designer Alessandro Lassi, inspired by the film Jules et Jim by François Truffaut.